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  • Five Translucent Lid Colors

    Special Deal on our 5-Pack of these Simple Hydration Bottles.

  • “The Best Bottles in Running.”

    David Laney, 2015 Ultrarunner of the Year

  • Stay Hydrated.

    We’ve made it simple for runners to stay hydrated on the run.

  • Women can hook the Simple Hydration Bottle in their sports top.

  • That hands-free hydration feeling.

  • Slides into a waistband or race belt.

  • “This bottle y’all - you need one!”

    Stacey G.

Runners share their love for the Simple Hydration Bottle
Amanda M.

I love love love the Simple Hydration Bottle. This thing is awesome!! Tucks right into the back of a sports bra, doesn’t move an inch, and feels like nothing’s there.

Amanda M.Michigan
 Michelle J.

When people start running there should be a welcome package that includes this bottle – it is really that awesome!

Michelle J.Ontario, Canada
Scott G.

These bottles are a game changer!

Scott G.Florida
Rachel R.

I absolutely love your hydration bottles!

Rachel R.Florida
Samm E.

When I found the Simple Hydration Bottle it so vastly improved the way I feel while running, I’ll never ever use anything else. It slides right into my belt, and stays put the whole run. I tell everyone, not just my running friends, about this amazing product so if you haven’t tried it, TRUST ME! It’s so worth it!

Samm E.New Jersey
Andrew S.

Thank you Simple Hydration for making the best bottle on the market.

Andrew S.Florida

Simple Hydration Run Hero Series

This photo series is about you (our followers). Why you? Easy, you decided to tag and follow us on social media. It may have been during this past week or anytime over the last 7 years. You shared your training, apparel choices, new shoes, Garmin issues, expo goodies, gastrointestinal issues, training plans, race reports (good and bad) and of course when you set PRs or qualified for the Boston Marathon. You love the running community as much as we do. You love that feeling of crushing that run, hitting those intervals, attacking those hills, flying down mountains and crossing that finish line. You feel like a super hero in that moment. So we reached out to some of our followers and Run Team members and asked them to shoot a photo in a heroic pose. We hope you enjoy this series.

Do you want to take part? If you would like to be part of this series then feel free to take a photo of yourself with a Simple Hydration Bottle in a heroic pose and send it to us for consideration. Or you can shoot your own with the tag #runhero and #runsimple.

Check it out on our Instagram page.

Some of the fine Run Shops that carry Simple Hydration
Email us to see if there is a retailer near you in the USA.


The Simple Hydration Ultra Racing Team is comprised of elite runners that compete in many top races around the world. They are selected by us and all of them use the Simple Hydration Bottle in training and racing. Chances are you’ll recognize some of the names.

We also have brand ambassadors that apply and are selected to a fun Simple Hydration Run Team that we sponsor each year. Runners typically apply in December of each year and the new team is announced early the following year. Each team showcases a variety or runners from all over the world. If you’re a fan then be sure to submit your application when requested.


If you’ve made it this far then you’re ready to break out of your run hydration habit (clunky belt or hand held bottle). I love to see the transformation of runners that buy a Simple Hydration Bottle one day and come back the next at a race expo or even on social media and tell us “it really works!” But you’ve probably already read some of our wonderful testimonials at the top of this page.

Read more about Simple Hydration or go buy a bottle and Run Simple. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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