“You need to try this bottle!” Q&A with Michelle Jager

Posted August 17th, 2017 by Brian Hock

It’s always great when we see a post from a happy customer. Back on August 2nd Michelle Jager (@plantpowered.princess) posted a photo of her using the Simple Hydration Bottle for a bike ride. She stated that she couldn’t find her normal bike bottles and was delighted with the versatility of the Simple Hydration Bottle. “I couldn’t find a single one this afternoon so my @simplehydrationbottle saved the day! When people start running there should be a welcome package that includes this bottle – it is really that awesome!” This wonderful comment prompted us to reach out to Michelle and learn more about her and why she loves our bottle. We hope you enjoy our Q&A with Michelle Jager.

Q. How did you first hear about the Simple Hydration Bottle?

A. I first heard of the Simple Hydration Bottle when a runner I follow on Instagram posted a picture with it. As someone who has tried belts, handhelds, and backpacks – and not really loved anything – I was very interested in trying it.

Q. What was your reaction to using the bottle the first time?

A. My biggest concern about the bottle was it wouldn’t be comfortable. Within 2kms I forgot I was wearing it. I also noticed the sound of the water for about a km until I forgot about that too. Now I am so used to it that I have actually come home from a run and forgotten to take it off until I change!

Q. How do you use the bottle?

A. I tend to use it mostly in my sports bra, but I like that it fits in my waistband if I’m wearing a jacket or shirt that makes it harder to reach. I have also recently ordered another one so that I can take two on my longer runs – either one in my sports bra and one in my waistband, or both in my waistband.

Q. How do you describe yourself as a runner?

A. I have been running about 2.5 years, so I still consider myself a fairly new runner – I am still learning what I like! I started running to train for a half marathon, and while I loved that (I have 4 complete and two more coming up this winter), I am realizing I also really enjoy the shorter races (5km-10km). I ran 100m and 200m track in high school so I think I’ve always had a thing for speed! I love to race and I can be quite competitive, but I also love the community feeling among runners.

Q. What is a typical week of training?

A. My typical week is 4 runs (totaling around 55kms) and as much cross training as I can manage. Usually looks something like this:
Monday – Yoga
Tuesday – Speed workout on the track
Wednesday – Cycle and Strength training
Thursday – Easy run
Friday – Yoga and Strength Training
Saturday – Tempo Run
Sunday – Long Run

Q. Do you have a running goal?

A. I feel like the usual answer here is “Boston”! While that is definitely on my radar, I would say my ultimate goal in running is to break 20 minutes in the 5km (my current PB is 22:22 I have some work to do!). A secondary goal (which is probably even more important) is to take care of my body and train smart so I can always run. I admire the men and women that have made it a lifelong habit!

Q. What is the most rewarding part of running?

A. The feeling when you accomplish something you once thought impossible. Every time I set a goal and reach it I feel amazing because I know the results come from hard work and dedication – and no one can do that work for you. I am lucky to have amazing support system but I am the one that actually has to train if I want results. Running is something I do just for me!

Q. When did you start running?

A. I ran track and cross country in high school, but we never really trained other than practicing our handoffs for relay. There was so much I didn’t know – I had no idea I could train to get better! I didn’t start running again until after I had my second daughter and turned 28; I was struggling with PPD and looking for a healthy outlet for my stress. I had always admired runners and wanted to be one, but I just never really had the willpower to stick with it. Then I saw a friend of mine (and fellow mom of 2) had done the Glass Slipper Challenge at Disney (10km on Sat and Half Marathon on Sun) and I was so inspired by her accomplishment that I signed up for the challenge the next year. I never in my wildest dreams thought I could run a half marathon, but as soon as I crossed the finish I thought “I need to do that again!” I keep running because it helps me remember who I am outside of “Mom” (and that makes me a better one!)

Q. What has been your greatest running accomplishment?

A. The accomplishment I am proudest of so far is that I haven’t given up on myself, despite setbacks, injury, and disappointing races. Running can be heartbreaking – the work you put in doesn’t always equal the time you want on race day, and sometimes you want to give up. But if you can keep moving forwards the results always come.

Q. What is it like running in Ontario, Canada?

A. In Ontario, we experience all four seasons pretty clearly. I struggle in the winter because I hate to be cold, and I live for the hot sweaty runs of summer. I am lucky enough to live in a town along the St. Lawrence River, so that makes for some awesome views no matter what the season. Our town is small, so on a 20km long run we can cover downtown, uptown, backroads, paths, a little bit of everything! We also have a pretty solid community of runners, so there are many people for me to learn from and be inspired by.

Q. How did you convert your Run Club members to using the bottle?

A. I have been with my run club for a year now, and we just started doing our long Sunday runs together this past spring of 2017. I will never forget showing up to that first run with my hydration pack and they all laughed at me! Most of them are seasoned runners and either went without or had small handhelds. I am a runner that needs to stay hydrated, and at the time the backpack was the only thing I could stand for longer than an hour. A few weeks later I saw a runner on my Insta feed post about her love for the simple bottle. I was so curious but skeptical because I had tried so much before that fell short. How could something so simple actually work, was it really comfortable? I actually won my first bottle from a Simple Hydration Giveaway and instantly fell in love (I ordered a second within a week!) When I showed up to my first group run with the Simple bottle I was excited to share the love! I encouraged a lot of the girls to try it over the next couple of weeks and 5 of them now have one or two bottles of their own. Its hard to get runners who have used the same thing (or nothing at all!) for years to get used to something else, but they all agree that after a couple kms you really forget about the bottle and no longer feel or hear it. As a newer runner, I often think about the things I wish I had known when I first started – there should be a welcome package for all new runners and this bottle should definitely be a part of it! If you are a minimalist runner that also understands how important it is to stay hydrated you need to try this bottle!