Run Team’s Favorite Run Movies

Posted August 21st, 2017 by Brian Hock

We asked our 2017 Simple Hydration Run Team members a variety of running-related questions. This third post we share their favorite run movies. You might just discover a new run movie to watch.

What is your favorite run movie?

Pris Chew
“Chariots of Fire”

Sarah Dudek
I love both “Spirit of the Marathon” movies. They are bound to inspire you and I highly recommend watching the first one before your first marathon or 20 miler. It will keep you going.

Valeri Gatlin
“Run, Fat Boy, Run.” A British movie that is hilarious!!!! Simon Pegg stars. Best example of hitting the wall ever! Very funny!

Sharon Hanks
“McFarland, USA”

Sherry Minkiewicz
“Forest Gump”

Robin Zehnder Muskopf
“McFarland, USA”

Lisa Ospitale
“McFarland, USA”

Elle Park
“The Barkley Marathons” – Seriously the craziest running event in the world. I love it.

Jacqueline Ann C. Santos
“Spirit of the Marathon”

Jodi Stuber
“From Fat to Finish Line” on Netflix had me in tears. It’s easy to think all runners or athletes are supposed to be one size/shape and this documentary shows you how far from the truth that is. So inspirational!

Jon Bohnsack
“Running Brave” (based on fellow University of Kansas alum Billy Mills)

Reman Chim Tat Wee
“Summits of my Life”

Alberto Gomez Monteseguro
“Everest” (is more of hiking)

Hafisz Nosly Wazid
“McFarland, USA”

Brian Hock
“Saint Ralph”

and “The Long Green Line” (fan of Cross Country)

Ian Lye
“Mont Blanc” by Billy Yang Films.
It’s not exactly a movie, but a short film on Youtube. I must have watched it at least 10 times by now!

Tony Allen Riggs
“Boston, The Documentary”

BOSTON Official Trailer from Jon Dunham on Vimeo.