A Great Review by Trail Run Magazine

Posted April 22nd, 2013 by Brian Hock

Gary Dagg of Trail Run Magazine contacted me back on Januaruy 1, 2013 asking if he could review the Simple Hydration Bottle. The magazine is based in Australia and New Zealand, but has a wide readership around the world for both their print and online magazine. I was not familiar with the magazine so I downloaded one of the ezines and was impressed by the quality of the design, layout and editorial content. I worked in magazine publishing for 2 years and certainly can appreciate what their team has put together.

Gary said the following in that first e-mail: “Finding a quality non-intrusive hydration system has been a bit of a mission of mine, without success, for a long time. I would love to test out your product through our summer months and put a review up on the site as well as in the zine if you would like to get some exposure in the southern hemisphere.”

I sent 2 Simple Hydration Bottles to Gary and asked him to let me know he received them okay. A few days later I received a message from Gary and here’s part of what he said. “The bottles arrived yesterday and I took one for a 15 miler this morning. It is fair to say I am blown away. I have only ever been frustrated by hydration options – handhelds, Camelbaks, waist belts have always eaten away at my mind while running and always impossible to find really comfortable but this bottle is, on first trial as minimally intrusive as possible.” Of course I was pleased to hear about his first run but he wanted to give the bottle an extensive trial through the hot summer months of Australia.

Fast forward to this morning and I had an e-mail from Gary waiting in my inbox with the following message: “Review is up.” So I clicked on the provided link and the very first sentence brought a smile to my face.

“Is it too early in the year to start calling something product of the year?”

Gary wrote a wonderful review that not only touches on the minimalist features and benefits of the Simple Hydration Bottle but also on the proper amount of hydration for runs. Below are just a few of the lines from the review:

“This is a product that makes a minimalist salivate…”

“The design is aesthetically impressive; a well thought out mould that has been tweaked to add to its function but doesn’t take away from its simple look, feel and role.”

“Just like running clothes and shoes, the aim of a running bottle is to do its job without reminding us that its there. As becomes clearer and clearer, a 380mL bottle holds enough to do its job, and the snug, forgettable feel of the bottle against your lower back makes it easy to ignore while your mind and body dance over the trail.”

Please read the full review on TrailRunMag.com.