The 2017 Simple Hydration Racing Team

Posted February 17th, 2017 by Brian Hock

We’re excited to announce our 2017 Simple Hydration Racing Team. Our team is once again comprised of Ultra Racing Team and Racing Team members. Ultra Racing Team runners are those that compete at the marathon distance and above on trails and/or roads. The Racing Team are those runners that compete at the marathon distance down to the mile in road races and track events. Our runners will be competing in top races such as the World 24 Hour Championships, Western States 100, Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, Hong Kong 100, Ultraman Triathlon and the Badwater Ultramarathon to name a few.

It’s going to be an awesome year. Be sure to follow this year’s Racing Team members on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Sondre Amdahl
Trysil, Norway

Jessi Davis
Palmer Lake, Colorado, USA

Chris DeNucci
Menlo Park, California, USA

Manolito “Tolitz” Divina
Pateros, Metro Manila, Philippines

Brian Donnelly
Portland, Oregon, USA

Yeray Duran Lopez
Puigcerdà, Spain

Mickey Graglia
Los Angeles, California

Scotty Hawker
Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia

Wilnar Iglesia

Karen Kantor
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Silke Koester
Boulder, Colorado, USA

David Laney
Portland, Oregon, USA

Harvey Lewis
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Maritza McAulay
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Sandi Menchi Abahan
Baguio City, Philippines

Mario Mendoza
Bend, Oregon, USA

Seow Kong Ng

Malory Peterson
Kailua, Hawaii, USA

Gregory Soutiea
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Ryan Smith
Boulder, Colorado, USA

Meredith Terranova
Austin, Texas, USA

Paul Terranova
Austin, Texas, USA

Mick Thwaites
Virginia, Queensland, Australia

Dan Vega
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

The 2017 Simple Hydration Run Team

Posted February 3rd, 2017 by Brian Hock

We’re pleased to announce our 2017 Simple Hydration Run Team. We had a great group of athletes on previous Run Teams and the this year’s group looks to be strong as well. We have runners of all abilities and scattered in different parts of the world. We also have a strong contingent of returning members from previous teams. All of our runners love to have fun and run with their Simple Hydration Bottle. Be sure to follow them and Simple Hydration on social media.

Follow the Simple Hydration Run Team on:

We also want to thank everyone that submitted an application. We had to make some difficult decisions and hope that those that didn’t make the cut this year will apply for next year’s team. Your support of Simple Hydration is awesome and it’s much appreciated.

It’s going to be a great year.

Pris Chew
Location: Singapore
Instagram: @prisgooner

Meghan Collins
Location: Mount Airy, North Carolina (USA)

Sarah Dudek
Location: Kalkaska, Michigan (USA)
Instagram: @runningonhealthy
Twitter: @runninonhealthy

Jaja Ferrer
Location: Quezon City, Philippines
Instagram: @jajaferrer
Twitter: @jajaferrer

Valeri Gatlin
Location: Lubbock, Texas (USA)
Instagram: @runningvaleri
Twitter: @prayerrunner

Sharon Hanks
Location: Davis, California (USA)
Instagram: @runhikenplay
Twitter: @runhikenplay

Sherry Minkiewicz
Location: Hillsboro, Oregon (USA)
Instagram: @happyrunningmom1
Twitter: @happyrunningmom

Robin Zehnder Muskopf
Location: Powell, Ohio (USA)
Instagram: @sungirl919
Twitter: @sungirl919

Lisa Ospitale
Location: South Setauket, New York (USA)
Instagram: @lospitale
Twitter: @lospitale

Elle Park
Location: Brooklyn, New York (USA)
Instagram: @afastpacedlife
Twitter: @afastpacedlife

Jacqueline Ann C. Santos
Location: Makati City, Philippines
Instagram: @belleofjune
Twitter: @belleofjune

Jodi Stuber
Location: Camp Hill, Pennsylvania (USA)
Instagram: @tinythunderr
Twitter: @tinythunderr

Kimberly Ann Whitesall
Location: Union, Ohio (USA)
Instagram: @Whitesell405
Twitter: @whitesell405

Jon Bohnsack
Location: Shawnee, Kansas (USA)
Instagram: @bohnsackjon
Twitter: @jcolbyb

David Bowers
Location: Eagle Mountain, Utah (USA)
Instagram: @bowersgotthepowers
Twitter: @BowersDavid7

Christopher Carter
Location: Lookout Mountain, Georgia (USA)
Instagram: @chriscarter146

Reman Chim Tat Wee
Location: Singapore
Instagram: @mrnamer
Twitter: @mrnamer

Justin Collins
Location: Mount Airy, North Carolina (USA)
Instagram: @justin_gca @Run_GCA
Twitter: @JcRun74

Jason Collett
Location: Australia
Instagram: @plnt_pwrd_rnnr

Tyler Gamien
Location: Burlingame, California (USA)
Instagram: @tgamlen

Alberto Gomez Monteseguro
Location: Burlada, Spain

Nor Hafiszuan Nosly Wazid
Location: Labuan, Malaysia

Brian Harward
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)

Ian Lye
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Instagram: @ianlye

Zac Metcalf
Location: O’Fallon, Missouri (USA)

Joshua Miller
Location: Boulder, Colorado (USA)
Instagram: @primal_flow

Andrew Peddy
Location: Galax, Virginia (USA)
Instagram: @andrewpeddy

Tony Allen Riggs
Location: Cana, Virginia (USA)
Instagram: @Appst24317

Jeff Stewart
Location: Bluefield, West Virginia (USA)
Instagram: @jefflovesrunning

Tim Tubra
Location: Roseville, California (USA)
Instagram: @morewhole
Twitter: @morewhole

The following 2 athletes are honorary members of the 2017 Run Team.

Damian Nathaniel
Indiana (USA)

Roger Brouillard
Connecticut (USA)