Racing Team Off to Winning Start in 2016

Posted May 23rd, 2016 by Brian Hock

The Simple Hydration Racing Team has kicked off the 2016 racing season with some impressive results. The Team has notched 15 wins and have stood on the podium 23 times. Paul Terranova won the USATF National 100 Mile Trail Title as well as the Masters Title for the 100K distance. Mick Thwaites ran 256.65 miles at the Canberra 48-Hour Race to place him 3rd all time Australian for that event. Then we had course records set by Mickey Graglia, Dan Vega, Cat Bradley, Brianne Nelson and Ryan Smith.

Below is a list of some of the impressive individual performance so far in 2016. This early success should set up for a great second half of racing.

:: January ::

USA 100K Trail Championship – Bandera 100K (Bandera, Texas)
Christopher DeNucci / 2nd overall in 8:06:34
Paul Terranova / 3rd overall in 8:38:48. USA Masters Title

San Diego 50 Mile Trail Race (San Diego, California)
Mickey Graglia / WON in 6:50:12 and set Course Record

Chevron Houston Marathon (Houston, Texas)
Silke Koester / 3:10 (8 minute PR)

Vibram® Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail® Race (Hong Kong)
Yeray Duran Lopez / 5th overall in 10:36:04

:: February ::

Yukon Arctic Ultra 100 Miler (Canada)
Mickey Graglia / WON in 21:51

Rocky Raccoon 100 Miler (Huntsville, Texas)
Paul Terranova / 2nd overall in 14:24 / USATF National 100 Mile Trail Title

USA Olympic Trials Marathon – Women (Los Angeles, California)
Brianne Nelson / 35th overall in 2:44:19
USA Olympic Trials Marathon – Men (Los Angeles, California)
Patrick Rizzo / 72nd overall in 2:30:43
David Laney / 77th overall in 2:31:46

Red Hot 33K (Moab, Utah)
Brooke Lavery / 17th overall in 3:11:05

:: March ::

Transgrancanaria 120K (Gran Canaria, Spain)
Yeray Duran Lopez / 18th overall

Way Too Cool 50K (Cool, California)
Christopher Denucci / 10th overall in 3:35:32

Marin Ultra Challenge 50 Miler (San Francisco, California)
Paul Terranova / 4th overall in 7:57:06

Canberra 48-Hour Race (Canberra, Australia)
Mick Thwaites / WON with 413.039 km (256.65 miles) / 3rd all time Australian

New York City Half Marathon (New York, New York)
Ali Williams / 7th overall female in 1:11:49 / 2nd American

Aiea Loop Express 7 Miler (Aiea, Hawaii)
Malory Peterson / WON in 1:10:34 / 4th overall

Antelope Island Buffalo Run 50K (Syracuse, Utah)
Brooke Lavery / 11th overall female in 5:50:12

World Half Marathon Championships – Women (Cardiff, Wales)
Brianne Nelson / 28th in 1:13:01 / Team USA 5th overall

:: April ::

Ne Bthaska Ke Trail 12K Race (Louisville, Nebraska)
Patrick Rizzo / WON

American River 50 Miler (Folsom, California)
Chris Denucci / WON in 6:00:41

Behind the Rocks 50K/30K (Moab, Utah)
Dan Vega / WON in 4:24:18 and set Course Record 50K
Cat Bradley / WON in 2:40:26 for the 30K

Trail Circular Extrema Villa de Moya 40K Race (Spain)
Yeray Duran Lopez / 4th overall in 3:41:57

Carlsbad 5000 (San Diego, California)
Ali Williams / 12th overall female in 16:17

Reventón Trail El PASO (La Palma, Spain)
Yeray Duran Lopez / 2nd overall in 5:07:54

Marathon Des Sables Race (Moroccan Sahara)
Sondre Amdahl / 9th overall in 24h 08
Harvey Lewis / 109th overall in 34h 47 (Team I Run For Hope – 2nd overall)

Horsetooth Half Marathon (Colorado)
Brianne Nelson / WON overall in 1:16:44 and sets Course Record

Rogue Tangle 30K (Austin, TX)
Paul Terranova / 2nd overall in 2:10:50

:: May ::

USA Half Marathon National Championships (Columbus, Ohio)
Brianne Nelson / 3rd overall female in 1:11:24

Illinois Marathon (Champaign-Urbana, Illinois)
Patrick Rizzo / 4th overall in 2:25:09

Greenland 50K (Larkspur, Colorado)
Dan Vega / WON in 4:59:11

Colfax Marathon (Denver, Colorado)
Patrick Rizzo / WON in 2:32:34

Quad Rock 50 Miler (Fort Collins, Colorado)
Ryan Smith / WON in 7:20:27 and set a Course Record – 50 Miler
Cat Bradley / 3rd female in 4:23:56 – 25 Miler

Quicksilver Races 100K & 50K (San Jose, California)
Paul Terranova / WON in 9:17:52 – 100K
Christopher Denucci / WON in 4:08:58 – 50K

Ultra Trail Australia 100K (Blue Mountains, Australia)
Scotty Hawker / 6th overall in 10:01:13

Newport 10K (Jersey City, New Jersey)
Brianne Nelson / WON women’s race in 33:10

Miwok 100K (Stinson Beach, California)
Brian Donnelly / 4th overall in 9:26:10

The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Miler (Bear Mountain, New York)
Silke Koester / 2nd female in 8:53:26

15 Questions with Run Team’s Alicia Rider

Posted May 18th, 2016 by Brian Hock

The next Simple Hydration Run Team member to answer 15 Questions is Alicia Rider from Kernersville, North Carolina.

1. What is your favorite color?


2. What is your favorite song right now?

My favorite song will always be “Baby Got Back”. It is a true classic after all.

3. What is your favorite book?

UGH. This question kills my soul. I was an English major, so it’s like picking a favorite child. I will go with Edgar Allen Poe: The Complete Tales and Poems. Once a Runner is pretty good too though.

4. What is your favorite movie?

Shawshank Redemption

5. What is your favorite snack food?


6. What is your favorite word?

Don’t think you can publish that one…so we will go with accountability.

7. What runner inspires you?

EVERY runner inspires me. Every person has some struggle, obstacle or something we may not know about, but they are out there getting it done. So every single person that runs is my inspiration.

8. What is your favorite workout?
My long runs with my training partners. We have the best conversations and lots of laughs over many, many miles.

9. What is your favorite running shoe?

Adidas Ultra Boost

10. What is your favorite race medal or award?

I’ve won a ton of races, but one of the awards I love the most is an age group trophy from the Wounded Warrior 5k. It was my first race back after breaking my foot and I ran what I thought was a horrible time for a 5k. As I was having a pity party of one over how “slow” I was a double amputee veteran came walking into the finish, well over an hour after the race started. It totally changed my perspective and made me embarrassed that I was sulking about my time. It is the only trophy I have displayed in my master bedroom and it is to serve as a daily reminder to be grateful.

11. What race would you highly recommend?

Boston Marathon!

12. Have you ever bonked in a race?
Heck yeah I have. Marathons work best when you actually train for them. In my early 20’s I didn’t quite grasp that concept.

13. How many miles have you covered without walking during a run or race?

39.3. I was training for a 50 miler before I became pregnant with my daughter.

14. Do you prefer running in the summer or winter?


15. What is a fun fact about you?

I have asthma and rheumatoid arthritis, so it is crazy that I chose running as my favorite sport. However, I am NOT letting the disease slow me down. In 2014, I won 14 races. In 2015, I won 15 races. In 2016, I want to win….16 races!

15 Questions with Run Team’s Sebastien Durandeu

Posted May 9th, 2016 by Brian Hock

The next Simple Hydration Run Team member to answer 15 Questions is Sebastien Durandeu from Otis, Oregon.

1. What is your favorite color?


2. What is your favorite song right now?

“Wildlife” by Parralox

3. What is your favorite book?

What’s a book?? “Fast into the Night” Debbie Clarke Moderow

4. What is your favorite movie?

Primal Fear

5. What is your favorite snack food?


6. What is your favorite word?

Rêve (dream)

7. What runner inspires you?
I’m more inspired by my friend than elites…I love following elites on races but it’s not for inspiration…but my friends Andrew Nelson and Hope Hyatt do because of their mindset and the way they push themselves in training or 100 milers…also my friend Adrianne Ritchie who had and has to overcome so many obstacles in her life but still running strong.

8. What is your favorite workout?
Long hills / climbing

9. What is your favorite running shoe?

Carson Footwear Shoes

10. What is your favorite race medal or award?

Elijah Bristow 12 Hour trophy for 1st place…basically a horse shoe trophy.

11. What race would you highly recommend?

Speedgoat 50k

12. Have you ever bonked in a race?

Oh ya multiple times…most memorable is probably my first marathon in 2013 “The Oregon Marathon” around mile 20.

13. How many miles have you covered without walking during a run or race?

I would say 40 at the Operation Jack 6 Hour.

14. Do you prefer running in the summer or winter?

In Oregon summer for sure now. If I was in Florida or Arizona probably winter. :)

15. What is a fun fact about you?
I’m a French Maid … At home I do all the house work. lol

The Philippines Run Simple Racing Team

Posted May 3rd, 2016 by Brian Hock

Runners in the Philippines are fans of the Simple Hydration Bottle. They first arrived in 2012 when distributor Friro Tech Corp – Fitness Group brought them into the country. The growth of the Simple Hydration Bottle in the Philippines has been in large part due to the enthusiasm and hard work of Christine “Tin” Ferrera. Tin is an accomplished ultra runner and very connected to the local running community.

Christine, following the format of Simple Hydration Racing Team, assembled a “Run Simple Team” of 6 top athletes in the Philippines. Each athlete is sponsored by Simple Hydration and will use the Simple Hydration Bottle and promote the brand at races in 2016. Good luck to these talented athletes. Read about each one and be sure to follow their racing on social media.

Instagram: @xtineferrera
Twitter: @xtineferrera

Running for me is always about beating myself. Whether it is your first mile or your nth mile on your feet, you always have to outrun that voice in your head that tells you to stop. There are days when it is easy (I love running!) yet there are days when it is hard. Perhaps, that is why I got lured to running longer distances; distances beyond what I think my body can take. When your mind, your body, your heart, is telling you to stop, you have to fight it! And that is when you end up winning; you become a better person than when you just started.

Tin has tried playing all sports but never really stick to any sports until she joined her first 5k race in 2008 (on a whim). She started joining 10K in May 2009, 21K in July 2009 and her first full marathon in February 2010 at Condura all born out of curiousity and peer pressure. Before I registered to races because I was assigned to handle registration for my friends so might as well join the same distance. Then I started enjoying being out there. I found joy in discovering how far I can still go; hence, I started joining road ultramarathons from 50Ks to 200Ks.

Tin said she considers each race significant, whatever the outcome is. Finishing is satisfying. Winning is rewarding. It felt good to reap the rewards of training hard. But your perseverance is what matters, whether you came first or last, whether you crossed the finish line or not, whether you get the rewards or not.

She plans to do more races this year after almost two years on hiatus. Hopefully, I get to finish CM50 by the end of November, It’s been a goal race since it started. I actually want to race Cardimax-Clark Ultramarathon but I am busy working on it.”

WHY I RUN SIMPLE: I first saw Simple Hydration bottle while on search online for a bottle that I can use to carry my race nutrition. I sent a message to Brian Hock, got it and I knew “I need it and WE NEED IT here; the rest is history. Simple Hydration got to the Philippines in 2012.

Instagram: @vnjendaya

Vanj is a busy mom with one lovely daughter. She holds a corporate job yet she is still able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. “That’s something I want to share. Being busy is just a lame excuse. We can all find time to be fit and healthy.”

Before running, she has been going to the gym and regularly playing tennis and bowling. She joined her first race at a Globe fun run in 2010. Six years after, she has already finished a couple of marathons, an ultramarathon, triathlons from sprint to Ironman 70.3 and a full Ironman in Malaysia in 2014. She considers it her most memorable race to date.

“I want to finish another Ironman this year.” Training for a full Ironman is not easy; it will take too much of your time. For a busy working mom, balancing them is already an achievement in itself. Oh, did we tell you that Vanj is also a consistent podium finisher in her age group?

WHY I RUN SIMPLE: I learned about Simple Hydration thru Facebook; my first impression is it’s “Simple.” I like it because it’s light and easy to use. I use it when I’m running (train or race).

Twitter: @rashpena ‘The Running Duck’

She is happy when she runs. Her smile that’s always present proves this. “I’m a happy runner; happiest when I finish a race.”

Rash has no athletic background. She joined her first race in Baguio at the Milo Marathon in 2006 which started her love for running and later on climbing and summiting mountains. She is an active member and leader of the Philippine Skyrunning Association. Some of her most memorable races are Kinabalu Climbathon 2008, Mt. Fuji Mountain Race and Annapurna Ultra. She takes pride in being able to carry the Philippine flag as she crosses the finish line.

“I am a plain, quiet and non-competitive runner.” Some of her monumental finishes are: 1) Milo Finals Qualifier and Top 3 Female in 2006 and Clark Marathon top 3 female in 2007; 2) Clark Ultramarathon -Top 3 Female, 3) Four Lakes 100km – 3rd place women’s 2015; 4) Mt. Ugo Marathon – 1st place 2015; 5) Annapurna Ultramarathon – 3rd place 2015; 6) CM50 Ultra 60K – 3rd place Female 2013

For 2016, her goal is to finish the Four Lakes 100km, TNF 100km and hopefully Hardcore 100. Her major international race this year will be the Flagstaff 57km Skyrace in Arizona, USA.

WHY I RUN SIMPLE: “I learned about Simple Hydration thru an advertisement and thru endorsements from athlete friends. My first impression of the Simple Hydration Bottle is it looks very handy; doesn’t look complicated. I like it because it’s light and very handy. I use it in my day hikes, and trail running training sessions and trail races.”

Instagram: @adrRUN
Twitter: @AldReyes

I find running fun but more importantly, I find it an indispensable activity that vastly contributes to my total well-being and being essentially a happy person. Balancing work, family and having a hobby can be challenging but running fits perfectly in everything I do. I can apply to life what I learn in the years that I’ve been running and vice versa. There are so many benefits in running that I can also apply to my work and family activities. Being a competitive language consultant and teacher in school and at work, I find comfort in that fact that at 43 years old now, I can keep up with most of my students and friends who are younger (some half my age!).

I’m a late bloomer in the field of running. I only started training and joining races in 2008 when I was 35 years old at Subic Marathon in 2008 where I ran 10K. Before that, I used to play non-competitive basketball and tennis.

Qualifying for Milo Marathon is always significant for me, especially in 2014 Milo National Finals where I did set my best time for 42K. He has been recognized in 2013 as the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners’ Ultrarunner of the Year, Champion 2013 Bataan Death March 100 miles, and has finished in the top of races of 50,100, 160, 200 and 250 km distances.

Despite all his achievements, Alfred still aims to work on improving his 21k and 42k personal best and hopes he can continue to run injury-free.

WHY I RUNSIMPLE: I first saw the Simple Hydration bottle in photos and ads with Tin Ferrera; I thought it looks easy to use and handy. When I used it, it fits perfectly to simplicity when I run and is very versatile. I use it during training runs and in my most recent marathon finish in Condura Skyway Marathon. It’s very useful because I simply refill the bottle and drink water from it whenever I need it and since it fits easily in my waistband, hydration is readily available whenever I need it.

Instagram: @noybasa

I’m very passionate about the things I do, and love to share them with others. It gives me much happiness to enable others to experience the same joy I get from doing the sport I love. These are what drive me both as an athlete and a coach.

Noy Basa is a competitive swimmer growing up. He first joined an organized 10K race in 2008. Since then, he has progressed from joining fun runs to doing triathlons. The longest, most memorable race I have done is Ironman Melbourne in 2015. He finished first among the Filipino contingent.

For 2016, he hopes to set a personal record and break 5 hours in Cebu Ironman 70.3. Being a consistent age group podium finisher, his goal is to be in the top three of his age group in as much races as possible this season.

WHY I RUNSIMPLE: I first saw Simple Hydration being used by some training buddies and thought it was very compact and well designed. It’s not bulky and you don’t have to carry it all the time. Instead, it can “wear” on me. Ever since, I have used it for my training runs as well as during races.


Koi is a hiker, an avid mountain biker and trail runner. He joined his first trail race at the Merell Adventure Run in 2010 and was lured into it; eventually joining a 50 Mile trail race at CM50 and a 100Mile Trail Race at Hardcore 100.

He considers the “4M” as the most memorable race. It is an invitational underground race hosted by a mountaineering group, ADUANA to celebrate their 4th year anniversary. The race mainly composed of running in the mountains and biking in between of 4 summits from Batangas to Laguna. “We biked to and from the towns of Cuenca, Lipa and Sto. Tomas, Batangas then Laguna to reach the trail jump off and run out and back to the summit of Mount Maculot, Mount Malinpuyo, Mount Manabu and Mount Makiling. It was a memorable one for me because the race fits me well. It provided a competition for what i love to do such as riding a bike and running in the mountains.”

The most significant hike/run for me is the CGT or Cordillera Great Traverse, not only as an athlete but as a human being. It was the trek of the Cordillera spine. It changed me more than an athlete. There were so many learning right from the very beginning of reconnaissance as we retraced the old paths until the stage of adaptation – knowing the locals’ way of living; the mountains/ provincial/ regional boundary dispute; cultural conflicts and history of their civilization. Lastly, but definitely not the least, the 3-day trek from Conner, Apayao to Kalinga is momentous in my whole mountaineering career. We were off the grid for 3 days, trekking in the woods from the boulder of Apayao, Abra until we reached the Kalinga via border traverse to Kalinga. It was the toughest part and most unharmed section of the entire Cordillera Great Traverse. Fortunately, we successfully traversed the Cordillera Mountains in 18days accumulating of 350+km crossing 6 provinces and city of Baguio of the Cordillera Administrative Region.

His goal this year is to finish my H1 for the 3rd time H1 and CM50 for the 5th time. I consider both as the toughest trail ultramarathon in the Philippines that I do not want to miss joining. If blessed with a kind-hearted sponsor who will support me for another international race, then I would like to join International races.

WHY I RUNSIMPLE: I saw a friend using Simple Hydration Bottle. It was “love at first sight”. Simple hydration simply fits my needs. I love to run in the mountains in a simple way. I usually use Pet Bottles because it’s light and small but not environmentally friendly. Before, I don’t see a bottle, which is very handy. Most often, the water bottles are big and come with a strap, which makes it heavier to bring. Just like my own personality, Simple Hydration is versatile and simple and has no fancy straps; not so big and light as usual but very reliable. This is really helpful in trainings and good for short distance running and for longer distances running, Simple Hydration can be easily placed in hydration vest.