Spain To Run Simple

Posted December 30th, 2015 by Brian Hock

Simple Hydration Distributor for Spain Label

We’re pleased to announce that Ecosprint Distribution will be the distributor of the Simple Hydration Bottle in Spain. Ecosprint has shared the Simple Hydration Bottle with many retailers in Spain and they are excited to carry the product. They’ve also worked hard to prepare the market and setup promotional materials specific to the Spanish market.

Simple Hydration Spain Brochure

One asset that Ecosprint brings to the equation is that one of the partners is elite ultrarunner Yeray Durán López. Yeray will be a member of the 2016 Simple Hydration Racing Team and is currently sponsored by Julbo eyewear, Compressport and The North Face. Yeray finished 3rd at The North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail Race in Italy this past year along with other solid finishes at top races around the world.

Yeray Durán López - 1

Yeray Durán López - 2

Simple Hydration is excited to have Ecosprint Distribution and Yeray Durán López as part of the Simple Hydration Team going forward. The Simple Hydration Bottle will be available in Spain at various retailers in early 2016.

Guiding a National Champion

Posted December 8th, 2015 by Brian Hock

Simple Hydration Ultra Racing Team’s Silke Koester sent me a California International Marathon race report from a guy named “JIM E 1955” on the Runner’s World Forums. I was curious what was in the report so I read it right away. Well, JIM starts off the report with the usual pre-race and early race stuff such as how many miles per week he was averaging to getting in the right pace group to zooming past water stops. He was hoping to run sub 3:20 and was slightly ahead of pace when mile 15 hit. You see, it was at this point that the guide of a guided-blind runner asked him to do a huge favor, take over his guide duties for the remainder of the race. JIM agreed and his race changed in an instant.

JIM introduced himself to Amelia Dickerson, the blind runner, and she quickly gave him the basics on what to do to help them both execute a smooth race. Some mistakes followed.

JIM says “I made a couple of early mistakes, one of which put her on the ground. We were passing some other runners and I aimed at a gap, which narrowed. I called out “Guided runner coming through!” and the guy turned the wrong way, colliding with Amelia. I went down too, it being the quickest way to stop, but we were back up to speed in seconds.”

JIM quickly realized that Amelia was running as fast him and actually was going for a 3:20. So this may have been a match made in heaven. Neither runner wanted to let the other runner not reach their goal.

At this point we should note that the California International Marathon is the National Championship for the US Association of Blind Athletes (USABA). JIM and Amelia had a few more minor issues in those last miles but they crossed the line 3:20:45. Amelia nearly fainted at the line having given her all. JIM and a volunteer held Amelia up and kept her walking to the USABA tent. Once inside, the head of that organization announced that Amelia was the first female USABA runner to cross the line and won the National Championships.

JIM says “This was way better than hitting an arbitrary goal.”

Silke was Amelia’s guide at this year’s New York City Marathon and has guided her in many races. Silke tells us that Amelia used a Simple Hydration Bottle in both the New York City Marathon and at this year’s California International Marathon. She says “It’s really a great option for both her and who ever is guiding her since we need to use a hand to guide.”

Simple Hydration congratulates Amelia on this awesome accomplishment. National Champ! We also would like to thank JIM on being a stand-up guy. We’re going to track JIM down and send him 2 Simple Hydration Bottles. The world could use more sports stories like this one. Well done Amelia and JIM.

Read JIM E 1955 CIM Race Report.

Holiday Wish List for Runners – Men’s Edition

Posted December 1st, 2015 by Brian Hock

We shared our holiday wish list of running-related products from the ladies on Monday. Now the guys of the Simple Hydration Ultra Racing and Run Teams share the running-related products they either use or simply want for 2016. Note that the following items are in no specific order.

Jon Bohnsack

The most versatile piece of equipment I run with is a buff from It can be helpful, worn, and used in so many different ways. In the summer I can use it in my head to keep the sweat out of my eyes, around my beck with ice cubes wrapped in it to keep me cool, or around my wrist to wipe the sweat away. In the cooler months it can protect my face, ears, neck from the elements. There are numerous tutorials on YouTube and online to show you all the different ways to wear it.

Mike Aish

Mizuno BT Seamless Long Sleeve
It’s a seamless base layer with Breath Thermo in it (which means it warms up when it gets wet). It’s good to run in but to be honest, I use it more when I’m snowboarding.

Thad Sweet

One thing that I think should be on every runner’s wish list is a Buff headpiece. These things are amazing. Their website ( shows a number of different ways they can be worn/used. I use mine all year long. In the summer, they work great around the neck as bug protection or around my wrist to help wipe away sweat. In the wintertime I use as stocking hat, headband, and mask. They come in an almost overwhelming variety of colors and designs. And they are pretty reasonably priced, ranging from $14-$40 I think for most products.

Justin Collins

Garmin VivoActive
Think of it like a somewhat scaled down “fitness” version of the twice as expensive Fenix. This watch will track, running, walking, biking, swimming, and golf. It works with the Garmin Connect IQ Store where you can upload new watch faces, custom data screens, etc.. Retails around $250 U.S.

Farm to Feet Wool Socks
I recommend the King, Asheville, and the Blue Ridge Graduated Compression Sock. These socks are super durable, made in the U.S. from local sources, and keep your feet dry with little to no stink. (that is the beauty of wool)

Black Diamond Storm Headlamp
Bright, up to 50 hours at max 160 lumens output scanning 70 meters, up to 200 hours on low power. Also converts to flashing red light. Multiple modes and settings. For the money, and long dark evening running through the winter it is a great product.

Sondre Amdahl

AIR GORE-TEX® Active Shorts
I think these shorts are pretty rad. Keeps me dry in the rain and warm when it’s windy. I used these during Ultra-Trail Mont Fuji (UTMF) and on all my winter runs here in Norway.

I need warm gloves during the winter here in Norway. These are definitely on my wish list!

Azlan Ithnin

Buff Anton UV Half Buff

San Francisco Running Company – The Classic Trucker Hat

Triggerpoint GRID Foam Roller

Tailwind Nutrition Stick Pack Bundle

The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances

David Laney

NIKE Enchanted Impossibly Light Running Jacket

Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle – 18oz Flip Lid

Josh Addison

La Sportiva Bushido

Petzl Nao Headlamp