What’s Your Runner’s Name? Resonates with Runners.

Posted March 25th, 2013 by Brian Hock

The Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day I received a “What’s Your Leprechaun Name?” name graphic from a friend on Facebook. I thought to myself wouldn’t it be fun if there was a similar one for Runners. So I put my thinking cap on and wrote down all sorts of running related terms. I then tweaked certain terms to work as first names and certain ones to work as last names. The resulting graphic that I posted to our Simple Hydration Facebook page is below.

I thought that some runners might find it fun and share their name and possibly even share the post. Well, I had no idea it would take off the way it did. According to Facebook this post has been seen over 60,000 times, 100 people on our page have shared their name and the post has been shared over 360 times. Keep in mind that is just our Simple Hydration page with 1,733 likes/followers.

The post has been shared on various running store sites, running magazine sites and by other online running sites such as Run The Edge. You can see from this screen capture of the Run The Edge post that it has attracted an audience much bigger than just our page.

Here’s a few of the comments that we liked or thought were funny.

Thanks to everyone who shared a name and/or shared the post. It’s been fun to see this post resonate with fellow runners.

Simple Hydration at The Races

Posted March 21st, 2013 by Brian Hock

Simple Hydration is proud to sponsor the following upcoming April and May races. We hope all participants have a great time. Those athletes that live nearby may want to check out the race in your area and consider running it.

Girls Inc. of New Hampshire 5K
April 13, 2013
Concord, New Hampshire
Web Site

Leatherwood Mountains Ultra Run
April 20, 2013
Ferguson, North Carolina
50 Mile / 50K / 10 Mile
Web Site

Earth Day 50K / 15 Mile
April 21, 2013
Crystal Lake, Illinois
Web Site

Pennsylvania Spring Biathlon
May 18, 2013
Whitetail Preserve, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
4km Running and Rifle Marksmanship
Web Site

Simple Hydration Adds Indonesian Distributor

Posted March 8th, 2013 by Brian Hock

We’re pleased to announce Monster Bike Distribution (MBD) as our newest distributor. MBD will distribute the Simple Hydration Water Bottle in Indonesia. They’ll add the Simple Hydration Water Bottle to their already great line up of quality brands such as Quintana Roo, Eddy Merckx Cycles, Honey Stinger, Salt Stick and NUUN to name a few.

Running and triathlon has recently shown strong growth in Indonesia and MBD is now ready to offer our innovative running hydration solution to the Indonesian market. Runners and triathletes can look for our bottle to be available in the next week.

Runners in that market can buy directly at their retail location (below) or soon or the Monster Bike Distribution web site: www.monsterbikestc.com.

Monster Bike
The Belezza Shopping Arcade LG #35
Jl. Letjen Soepeno No 34, Arteri Permata Hijau
Jakarta Selatan 12210 – Indonesia

Q&A with Pro French Triathlete Alexandra Louison

Posted March 6th, 2013 by Brian Hock

Alexandra Louison was brought to my attention when our French distributor Nicolas Contrain posted a photo of Alexandra winning the Extreme Man Menorca Half Ironman Triathlon late last year. The wonderful photo (shown in the middle of this post) by Marti Milla shows Alexandra crossing the finish line in first place with a Simple Hydration Bottle hooked on her race belt. She was the first professional triathlete to be photographed using the Simple Hydration Water Bottle. Read our interview with Alexandra to learn more about her athletic background and understand why she loves the bottle. This post will also appear on our French web site so we are including her answers in both English and French.

Where do you live and train in France?

I live in the south of France, Antibes (between Nice and Cannes). The climate is very pleasant and it is easier to train in this area in the winter, versus the north of France! I love the city of Antibes and the back country roads are great for my bike training. For running I can run on road, track and in the woods (which I prefer!). For swimming we can swim outside in a 50m pool throughout the year with the Antibes triathlon club so it’s the best! We can also swim in the sea after May.

je vis dans le sud de la France, à Antibes (entre Nice et Cannes). Le climat y est très agréable et c’est donc plus facile de s’entrainer dans cette région l’hiver, que dans le nord de la France ;-) ! J’adore la ville d’Antibes ainsi que l’arrière pays, les routes sont magnifiques pour mes entrainements vélo. En course à pied j’ai aussi la possibilité de courir sur route, sur piste et en forêt (ce que je préfère!). Pour la natation nous avons la chance de nager dans un bassin de 50m extérieur tout au long de l’année avec le club d’Antibes triathlon donc c’est top! Nous pouvons également nager en mer à partir du mois de mai.

How did you get into sport and specifically triathlon?

I was born into an athletic family, my grandparents played sports (running and cycling) and my parents do triathlon, so it helps! So I came to triathlon very young, first time as a supporter of my parents and then as an athlete. It’s great to share this with my family!

je suis née dans une famille sportive, mes grands-parents faisaient du sport (course à pied et vélo) et mes parents font du triathlon, alors ça aide ;-) !!! Je suis donc venue au triathlon très jeune, d’abord en temps que supportrice de mes parents puis athlète. C’est génial de pouvoir partager cela en famille!

What distances/events do you race?

My specialty is Long Distance Triathlon, Half-Ironman of the Ironman. I also really like the duathlon and I do few short distance races every year to keep pace.

ma spécialité est le triathlon Longue Distance, du Demi-Ironman à l’Ironman. J’aime aussi beaucoup le duathlon et je fais chaque année quelques courtes distances afin de garder du rythme.

Are you part of a triathlon and/or running club? If so, which one and for how long have you been involved?

I am licensed with the triathlon club Aix en Provence, Triathl’Aix and living in Antibes, I train with the Antibes Triathlon club. The clubs are very open and friendly so the workouts are really nice!

For running, I’m licensed with the Marseille club, SCO Sainte Marguerite. I do all winter cross season training with the club as they do very professional work and the people are really passionate. We have a very strong women’s team that is motivating!

Je suis licenciée au club de triathlon d’Aix en Provence, le Triathl’Aix et, habitant sur Antibes, je m’entraine avec le club d’Antibes Triathlon. Ce sont des clubs très ouverts et conviviaux donc les entrainements y sont très agréables!

Pour la course à pied, je suis licenciée au club de Marseille, la SCO Sainte Marguerite. Je fais toute la saison de cross hivernaux avec ce club très professionnel et au sein duquel travaillent des personnes vraiment passionnées. Nous avons une équipe féminine très forte ce qui est motivant!

Who are your sponsors?

The Army, particularly the 54th Regiment my Artillery Regiment Hyères, my employer allows me to practice triathlon/duathlon at the highest level.

Triathlon is an expensive sport, luckily I have loyal partners who support me in my practice and with whom I have excellent contacts.

It is SCIENTEC NUTRITION (nutrition), and CANNONDALE MAVIC (Cycle), Culture Bike (bike maintenance) SKEMA (my business school) Aquasphere (Swimming), KSWISS (running) COMPEX (electrostimulation), RUDY PROJECT (glasses), Giro (helmets) ITALIA SADDLES, Technogel sleeping, BAM sport ….

L’Armée de Terre, et plus particulièrement mon Régiment le 54eme Régiment d’Artillerie de Hyères, est mon employeur et me permet de pratiquer le triathlon/duathlon au plus haut niveau.

Le triathlon est un sport cher, heureusement j’ai des partenaires fidèles qui me soutiennent dans ma pratique et avec qui j’entretiens d’excellents contacts.

Il s’agit de SCIENTEC NUTRITION (nutrition), CANNONDALE et MAVIC (Cycle), Culture Vélo (entretien du vélo), SKEMA (mon école de commerce), AQUASPHERE (natation), KSWISS (running), COMPEX (électrostimulation), RUDY PROJECT (lunettes), GIRO (casques), SELLES ITALIA, Technogel sleeping, BAM sport,….

When did you turn pro as a triathlete?

In 2005, at the end of my studies and after I graduated from Ecole Supérieure de Commerce (SKEMA), I decided to try my luck by investing 100% of my time in triathlon/duathlon. And since then I have never stopped.

C’est en 2005, lors de la fin de mes études et l’obtention de mon diplôme d’Ecole Supérieur de Commerce (SKEMA Business School), que j’ai décidé de tenter l’aventure en investissant 100% de mon temps dans la pratique du triathlon/duathlon. Et depuis je n’ai jamais arrêté ;-) .

What person in triathlon and/or running (past or present) inspires you?

Mark Allen is an emblematic figure of triathlon. I really like the image conveyed by Natascha Badmann, always smiling and happy … this is how I understand the sport and life in general.

Mark ALLEN est une figure emblématique du triathlon. J’apprécie beaucoup l’image véhiculée par Natascha BADMANN, toujours souriante et joyeuse…c’est aussi comme cela que je conçois la pratique sportive et la vie en général.

What is your favorite triathlon and why?

This question is difficult. There are plenty of races that I love: the Embrunman, the Triathlon Alpe d’Huez, Triathlon de Gerardmer, the NatureMan, the Laguna Phuket Triathlon. My two best memories are probably the Half Ironman Monaco and Ironman Nice because I associate beautiful victories with both! The Ironman World Championship in Hawaii is also an extraordinary race.

Cette question est difficile. Il ya énormément de courses que j’adore : l’Embrunman, le triathlon de l’Alpe d’Huez, le triathlon de Gerardmer, le NatureMan, le Laguna Phuket triathlon,…. Mes 2 meilleurs souvenirs restent probablement le Demi-Ironman de Monaco et l’IRONMAN de Nice car je les associe à des victoires magnifiques ! Le championnat du Monde IRONMAN à HAWAII est également une course extraordinaire.

What are your thoughts about competing in Kona, Hawaii?

I had the chance to participate twice in the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii (2007 and 2009), Elite category. All practicing long distance triathletes hope one day to start in this grand Hawaiian finale … the atmosphere is magical, it is an unforgettable physical and mental experience!

J’ai eu la chance de participer deux fois au Championnat du Monde IRONMAN à HAWAII (2007 et 2009), en catégorie Elite. Tout triathlète pratiquant le longue distance espère, un jour, prendre le départ de cette grande finale hawaiienne… l’ambiance y est magique, c’est une expérience physique et mentale inoubliable !

Can you provide a typical week of training in your life right now?

Monday: Swimming – Running
Tuesday: Long Bike – Swimming
Wednesday: Running – Swimming or Bike short – very short Swimming
Thursday: Long Bike – Swimming or concatenation + PPG Bike / Jogging – very short Swimming
Friday: Running – Bike or Rest
Saturday: Running – Swimming
Sunday: Long Bike

Lundi : natation – course à pied
Mardi : vélo long– natation
Mercredi : course à pied – natation OU vélo court – natation très court
Jeudi : vélo long – natation +PPG  OU enchainement vélo/course à pied – natation très court
Vendredi : vélo OU course à pied OU REPOS
Samedi : course à pied – natation
Dimanche : vélo long

What did you use for hydration prior to the Simple Hydration Bottle?

I did not use any hydration system for running prior to discovering Simple Hydration because I could not stand to wear a full size bottle or even small “bottles” in a belt, it bothered me.

Je n’utilisais aucun système d’hydratation en course à pied avant de découvrir Simple Hydration car je ne supportais pas de porter un bidon entier à la taille ou même des petites « fioles » dans une ceinture, ça me gênait.

How did you first hear about Simple Hydration?

I discovered this new concept at a race stand and also from a friend that spoke of it.

J’ai découvert ce nouveau concept sur un stand de course et une amie m’en avait également parlé

What was appealing to you about the bottle?

The Simple Hydration Bottle is very convenient and fits comfortably in the hand thanks to its ergonomic shape. The plastic is flexible so it is easy to squeeze for drinking. And the container’s size fits perfectly without disturbing the running stride.

Le bidon Simple Hydration est très pratique, il tient facilement dans la main grâce à sa forme ergonomique. Le plastique est souple donc il est facile de le presser pour boire. Et le bidon tient parfaitement à la taille sans gêner la foulée en course à pied

What was your reaction to the bottle after your first run with it?

I tried Simple Hydration in training and I was immediately convinced by the system because, for the first time, the container was a size that did not bother me on the run. The Simple Hydration Bottle is very light and flexible. In addition, it requires no additional belt thanks to the “notch” that allows it to hang in place on a bib belt.

J’ai essayé Simple Hydration à l’entrainement et j’ai été de suite convaincue par ce système car, pour la première fois, porter un bidon à la taille ne me gênait pas pour courir. Le Bidon Simple Hydration est très léger et souple. En plus, il ne nécessite pas de ceinture supplémentaire grâce à son « encoche » qui lui permet de s’accrocher soit à la tenue de course, soit à la ceinture porte dossard déjà en place

Have you shared / told other runners about Simple Hydration since using it?

Of course! The triathlon world is small and when a new concept works, it is known quickly!

I’m just saying what I have to tell you … it is simple, practical and not a bother on the run. And it allows you to use your favorite drink (for me it is in ISOTONIC POWER NUTRITION SCIENTEC) during running, which is GREAT!

Bien sûr ! Le monde du triathlon est petit et lorsqu’un nouveau concept marche, ça se sait vite ;-) !!

Je dis tout simplement ce que je viens de vous dire … c’est un système simple, pratique, pas gênant pour courir. Et cela permet d’utiliser sa boisson favorite (pour ma part il s’agit d’ISOTONIC POWER de chez SCIENTEC NUTRITION) pendant la course à pied, c’est TOP !

What races do you have planned for the 2013 season?

My 2013 race calendar is not yet finalized but I already know that I will present at: Championnat de France Military Duathlon in March, triathlon Kho Samui (Thailand) in April, Frances Long Distance Triathlon in Calvi in May, triathlon Long Distance Eurodistrict Strasbourg in June, Duathlon and triathlon Alpe d’Huez in July, August Embrunman in the Gerardmer triathlon 70.3 and Aix en Provence in September, October NatureMan ….
It’s a great program!

Mon calendrier de courses 2013 n’est pas encore finalisé mais je sais déjà que je serai présente sur : le Championnat de France Militaire de duathlon en mars, le triathlon de Kho Samui (Thailande) en avril, les Frances Longue Distance de triathlon à Calvi en mai, le triathlon Longue distance Eurodistrict Strasbourg en juin, le duathlon et triathlon de l’Alpe d’Huez en juillet, l’EMBRUNMAN en aout, le triathlon de Gerardmer et le 70.3 de Aix en Provence en septembre, le NatureMan en octobre….

Cela fait déjà un beau programme ;-) !

Anything else you would like to add about yourself or Simple Hydration.

For future development of the Simple Hydration Bottle I would like to see it in different colors, and feminine ;-) ?

BRAVO for this simple and effective idea!

Prochain développement pour Simple Hydration : un bidon avec différents coloris, plus féminin ;-) ?

En tout cas BRAVO pour cette idée simple et efficace !

You can follow Alexandra on her blog.

In France, visit www.simplehydration.fr for more information.