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Hi everyone.
Welcome to Simple Hydration.

I had the idea for a new water bottle design on a sweltering summer day while training for the Louisville Ironman Triathlon. I was sweating and wishing I didn’t have to hold water in my hands or carry it on a bulky hydration belt. Then I wondered: What if the bottle was shaped to fit into a waistband or race belt?

From that inspiration my wife and I built crude prototypes of various designs and our two great kids “road tested” them by running around our family room. Not only is Simple Hydration kid-tested and approved, it was put through its paces by a runner with 30+ years of experience… me.

I’m just an average runner with a passion for the sport. I ran my first full marathon at age 12 (4 hours, 47 minutes), then went on to run cross-country and track in high school and at Bowling Green State University. After college I continued to run for enjoyment and to stay in shape. I’ve run 6 marathons and completed 2 Ironman Triathlons.

The Simple Hydration Water Bottle is a crowd-funded product. Initial funding came from other runners and individuals through Kickstarter, a platform that connects inventors with people who believe in their idea.

I would like to personally thank those individuals below that helped us launch our dream. Thank you, too, for your interest in Simple Hydration. Together we can revolutionize the way runners stay hydrated!

Brian D. Hock

Simple Hydration Founder

Racing Team

Our unique Racing Team is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds that include all levels of running ability. It’s a great mix of serious runners to those that compete to have fun and stay in shape. Be sure to cheer them on if you see them at a race.


Special thanks to the following individuals and companies that saw the potential in Simple Hydration and backed our Kickstarter campaign. You gals and guys rock!
  • Bob Roncker’s Running Spot
  • Buckeye Running Company
  • Jed Davis
  • Kristin Hock
  • Paul Malott
  • Amy Altemeier
  • Brian Mungan
  • Rick Stephens
  • John Barrett
  • Mohamed El-Sedigh Banoun
  • Philip Pan
  • Thom Porter
  • Gene Powell
  • Felix Cruz-Montanez
  • Dave Sasala
  • Tim Jenkins
  • James Savage
  • Mark Lovegrove
  • Ken Combs Running Store
  • Shannon Smith
  • Jim McMahon
  • Joe Gardias
  • Run For Your Life
  • Richard Stephens
  • Lisa
  • Stu Altenhaus
  • Bryan Yorksmith
  • Sheila King
  • Tom Cole
  • Karen Lakey
  • Troy Menchhofer
  • Theresa Gross
  • Ian Murray
  • Shari Green
  • John Cullen
  • Mark Goldstein
  • Keith Riddiford
  • Heidi Dellekamp
  • Chow CK
  • Sharon Wagner
  • Jeff Abbott
  • Tim and Erin Lee
  • Karen Sawatzky
  • Angie Holland
  • Kristine Sports
  • Mikaelo
  • Colin Nourie
  • Kerry Chhim
  • Joshua Mitts
  • Eric Clark
  • Lisa Conroy
  • Meredith Jones
  • Sean Peacock
  • Rita Williams
  • Philip D’Rozario
  • Mark D. Rucker
  • Michael Oakes
  • Brian Makela
  • Morten Braüner
  • Alexandre Perakis
  • Philippa Golding
  • Mark Pierce
  • Vicki McCourt
  • Sam Tayyari
  • Diane Stokes
  • Robin Reese
  • Thomas Neuberger
  • Jonathan Sagner
  • Joyce Voneman Cole
  • Brad Patterson
  • Nate Westheimer
  • Kathryn Monroe
  • Katie
  • Connie Harpring
  • James Voneman
  • Heather Marsh
  • Andi Ferguson
  • Amie Bender
  • Bruce Gudmundson
  • James Stumpf
  • Joel Genaw
  • Allison Beeman
  • Nancy Grant
  • Chas! Pangburn
  • Geert Brouwer
  • Elizabeth Gearhart
  • T. Gilmore
  • Dave Johnson
  • Andrew McEvoy
  • Paik
  • Josh Neuroth
  • Daniel Fleming
  • Josh Gerth
  • Scott Cook
  • Angie
  • Andrew Slater
  • Wanda Smith
  • Heather Stephens
  • Nita Sweeney
  • Saul Taylor
  • Jackie Korevec
  • Steve
  • David Rye
  • Grover
  • Mark Pannell
  • Kelsey Flora
  • Todd Masters
  • Turi Becker
  • Shawn Jones
  • Victoria Nelson
  • Ann Hunsader
  • Anthony Correia
  • Kevin Walker
  • Cynthia Cassidy
  • Elizabeth Wills
  • David Stubenrauch
  • Jacob Reider
  • Lynn G.
  • Lindsay Leugers
  • Christine Mcmakin
  • Maria Leon
  • Steve Miller
  • Jason Christian
  • Doug Vanisky
  • Desiree T.
  • Bretta Gerecke
  • Heather Pfaltzgraff
  • Sian Williams
  • Mel B.
  • Mike Fout
  • Chris Fitzpatrick
  • Lauri Reamer
  • Emilee
  • Denise
  • Christopher Blasko
  • Tracy Keeling
  • Emily Heeb
  • Trisha Tighe
  • IHomerJ
  • Andreas Kasche
  • Chris MacMillan
  • Anastasia Harper
  • Scott Walker
  • Brian Meilton
  • Dov Rosenberg
  • Thomas J. Arnolts
  • Stephanie Pyle
  • Winston Yu
  • Ryan Nedbalek
  • MMLee
  • Bret
  • Rebecca Dart
  • Steven Kuyan
  • Paul Garoogian
  • R Lee
  • Tracy Larrabee
  • Shannon Fang
  • Alex Knopp
  • Satchel Parker
  • Buddy Davis
  • Ann-Marie Breen
  • Eric Engemann
  • Matthew Rantala
  • Jeremy Wildfire
  • Suzanne Phillips
  • Jared Cohen
  • Mark Nowotarski
  • Mike Federle
  • DisOrd3r
  • Peter Shin
  • Adam McGready
  • Victor Lum
  • Joe Vu
  • Brian Green
  • Nicole Ball
  • Kimberly Bontempo Bogin
  • Michael
  • Donald Bogan
  • Judy & James Grissom

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